The Story

During summers in Tel Aviv, people flock to the seaside, while I head to the southern end of the city. This pocket is called Florentin - and it is one big, hot concrete mess. A bohemian atmosphere is created by local artisans, a medley of cultures, and a stubborn, urban decay. The clotheslines hanging above me quickly remind me of childhood summers spent in the thick of Israel. 


Inspiration for this photoshoot was drawn from special moments at my grandparent’s apartment in Israel. As a young kid, I would go with my Nonna to hang the laundry on the roof under the גגון (ga-gon), or awning. To most, laundry day seems like a chore; to me, laundry day was a micro-adventure. I remember playing hide and seek, running amongst the wet clothes dancing around me. The only bad part about laundry day is having nothing to wear. The garments in this shoot were designed by Jerusalem-based designer, Adi Karnivagt. While waiting for her laundry to dry, the woman in this story must wear her prized pieces, a vibrant set of colorful garments that meet the hot wind with grace.



Photographer: Dan Simantov

Designer: Adi Karnivagt

Model: Taya Krav for R&R Agency

Hair and Makeup: Roza Shwartsman

Styling: Revital Shmuel

Production Assistant and Author: Sharon Simantov