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Dan Simantov Artist Photographer Creative Director

Dan Simantov

Based in Los Angeles, raised by a long line of Mediterranean women who have transcended into my work as inspiration. Analyzing the actions and emotions of these women who’ve animated me has manifested the way I mold my models during photo shoots. I use photography as a portal to showcase my artistic capabilities from styling to art direction. As a creator, it’s my mission to tell a story through a lens. As a fashion consumer, my strong commercial awareness gives me the ability to push the boundaries and think proactively. 

At 23carat, I play the role of creative director and historian. As the director, I set the tone and execute the campaigns, create content, as well as pick which pieces fortify our DNA. As we expand into the retail scape, I develop each establishment's staging, activations, and curations. My love for history transports me to the United Kingdom to hunt down Edwardian + Victorian pieces.

Dan Simantov - Artist - Photographer - Art

 Los Angeles + London
+1 (818) 730-2596
 @d.simantov @23carat

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